Why Choose SagaCNC

Why Choose SagaCNC

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Let us count the reasons...

We stand behind the ProCut® brand

30 Day Money Back Guarantee - Unmatched in the industry, buy with confidence knowing you can return your cutter if desired. Upgrade-able to 120 days through the warranty program.

Software Guarantee - Unmatched in the industry, buy with confidence knowing you can change your software. Within 30 days of purchase, if you decide you would prefer an alternate software package simply contact us for a software swap between DragonCut, Flexi Starter and SignCut permanent license versions.

Warranty - 1 year parts and labor (Bronze) is included with all ProCut® systems whether they are new or refurbished units and regardless of sales channel. Warranty upgrades to Silver, Gold and Platinum are available.

Cutter Service - We perform the service on your cutters. We stock all spare parts for all ProCut® systems. When you deal with CutterPros, you are dealing directly with the staff that repairs and tests your units using only OEM parts.

Software - Sign Cutting software comes with all ProCut® vinyl cutters. SignCut 1 year licenses come with all ProCut® systems, SignCut 1 year AND Flexi Starter 10 come with Contour and Servo units.

Stock - We stock ProCut® Vinyl Cutters, Repair and Replacement Parts, Vinyl, Software and many other items so you get what you need when you need it. We are a brick-and-mortar operation in Peoria, Arizona near University of Phoenix Stadium.

Ongoing Support - We support all ProCut® cutters whether you buy directly from us or not. If you have a ProCut® system and need help or training, call us and we will help. Even if you don't have a ProCut® system, call us and we still do our best to assist you.

Trade Up Program - CutterPros allows you to grow with your business and your needs through a trade up program. We offer ProCut® owners (it doesn't matter how you got your ProCut® cutter) 50% of current MSRP value of their existing cutter against a trade-up cutter of your choice. It doesn't matter how old your cutter is. Very difficult to find this anywhere! ProCut® systems hold their value in the market.

People and Support

Training - We will assist you with getting your cutter setup with a cutter walk-through, creating graphics in Inkscape with an Inkscape walk-through and cutting with your cutter with SignCut or Flexi with a walk-through.

Tech Support Staff - CutterPros maintains a dedicated tech support staff ready to assist you should you need us.

Knowledgeable Sales Staff - CutterPros has a very knowledgeable sales staff always ready to help answer your sales questions.

Graphic Design - Graphic design assistance is made available in Corel Draw, Illustrator and other graphic programs to assist you with your graphic design needs.

Mac Support - Mac tech support is made available to assist you with your vinyl cutting Mac questions.


Availability - There are many ways to communicate with us including Online Live Chat, Email, Skype, Phone, Fax, Mail, Remote Desktop, Contact us Form

Toll Free Access - (888) 828-8776 CutterPros provides excellent product support at no additional charge to you

After hours support and training. Per appointment, chat or email at Support@CutterPros.com


Quick, easy, consistent access to the products you need in the way you are accustom to seeing them.

Support Page- We maintain an extensive support page with training tutorials and other answers to your questions.

Nearly 5000 Products to choose from! - With Vinyl Cutters, Software, Vector Art, Vinyl, Printers, Racks, Spare Parts and a variety of other items, CutterPros offers products in every category allowing you to expand your business while dealing with the same company and getting the same great support and prices.

Great Prices - ProCut® vinyl cutters are fairly priced in the market. From an entry level CR630 desktop unit for under $550 to a 64" ARMS Servo for under $3k we have a price that is right for you. With 24" x 10 yard vinyl for under $19 a roll, CutterPros is your place for materials too.


Customers - Our customers include police departments, schools, hospitals, sign shops and many, many people starting up sign shops! You will be in good company when you work with CutterPros.

Testimonials - Please see what others are saying about us. Write to us or email us with your CutterPros experience, we would love to hear from you!


BBB Rating - CutterPros is an A+ rated company

Corporate terms - CutterPros offers terms to our corporate clients.

Secure site - CutterPros is Class 2 Certified, Encrypted and supported by Authorize.net for secure on-line transactions. We do not keep credit card information on file. Transact with CutterPros with confidence.

Payment Options - PayPal, Visa, Master, Discover, American Express, Cash, Check, Money Order, Cashier's Check.

Shipping Options - CutterPros Economy Shipping, FedEx Express, Local Pickup.

Privacy - We do not share your information with third parties for marketing purposes.

Solicitation - We do not send out marketing emails.


Test Cutting - To ensure that the ProCut® system you choose will do the job you need it to do, CutterPros will do test cuts on your material if you are cutting something non-standard. Contact us and send us your material and we will try it on a ProCut® system before you make your purchase.

Software Development - CutterPros develops its own drivers to support its products.

One Stop Shop - CutterPros has over 38,000 items (as of 6/2/15) listed making us your one stop shop provider. We have many many large corporate clients that enjoy a one stop shop experience.

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