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A. Videos


B. Product Information

1. ThermoFlex Materials Difference Chart
2. Ricoma Multi-Function Heat Press Manual
3. Etching Products
4. Creation Cutter Differences
5. Flexi Brochure
6. Flexi 10 Demo
7. Saga 2015 Catalog

C. Testimonials

1. Jon - speedy order
2. Timi Pat - patient, helpful customer support, top notch materials, personable staff
3. Barb - helpful and patient
4. Thompson Creative - respect and courtesy
5. Kelly - super to work with
6. Elaine R - outstanding customer service, helpful
7. Robin - best service, patient, caring
8. Benny - smart, dedicated employees
9. Nytefire Candles - huge inventory, good customer service
10. Libby Dew - patient, good customer service
11. Amber - amazing service, great experience
12. David B. - motorcycle helmet decal
13. Kevin P. - car magnets, overlay vinyl
14. Brandon S. - Hair Salon and mirror decals
15. Randy P. - Bead Blast / Sand Blast Rock Example
16. Cherie A. - Servo 2400 with vinyl wall rack system and anti-static grounding
17. Chris - Comments on DragonCut compared to Flexi and SignCut
18. Melissa - Comments on Servo cutting Sand Mask material
19. Kevin - Comments on Tech Support
20. Mark P. - Epic Cornhole Project Wolves Vs. Vikings
21. David B. - Racecar vinyl with ProCut Cutter
22. Dick - 48" Servo ARMS cutting

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